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Every Space Count

Our Services

Wood Installation

We provide high quality wood installation services for your home and commercial premises.

Floor Sanding & Sealing

Sanding wood is something that requires a high level of skill for the result to be of a quality professional standard.

Wood Renovation & Restoration

We can help you restore wood to their original splendor and add value to your property while doing so.

Flooring Contractor

We are an expert flooring contractors and provide a range of wood flooring and exterior wood services.


What Our Clients Say

" I am really surprised with the speed of execution of wooden flooring and cladding in such a professional way and quality work. Pricing is also very competitive. I personally recommend the firm."
Sanjeev Arora
" A very professional firm with the right prices and attitude for the work."
Kapil Mehta
" Woodlife has always delivered on time and are always very professional about their work. They are my choice for all the wooden work in my offices."
Rajiv Kohli

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